Rental Opportunities and Profitability abound in South Texas

If you are a landlord in San Antonio, our rental market is peaking towards more profitability.

On a national focus, real estate is moving up with higher prices and more confidence.  Yet, here in San Antonio, we have several unique attributes that help our property management market.

First, the Eagle Shale project has created a large demand for rental homes.   As more and more oil and gas types move into San Antonio, there is a bigger need for more homes to rent to them.

Secondly, the continued exodus of Mexican nationals who are moving their families north of the border has created a demand for more homes.   While many will purchase homes, they also are people with the income to invest in real estate.

And finally, San Antonio has three major military facilities that will see a relocation of thousands of military families every year.  July and August are typically major months where military families relocate to new assignments..

Professional property management firms can help with these markets.    For those with a home that would appeal to families who are moving here due to the Eagle Shale project or military assignment, we can help screen the background of those who may want to rent your home.  No landlord wants a home that is trashed after leasing to any tenant.   By carefully reviewing a perspective tenant’s references, landlord agents  like me can verify their credit risk and the other factors that can help determine if a person should rent a client’s home.

While this research lowers the risk, there’s no guarantee  how the home will be left after the renter leave.  That’s why professional property managers can help landlords by giving them the contract tools needed to protect their property.   If someone leaves a home in disrepair, a landlord may be awarded the security deposit and take legal action against a tenant when warranted.   When determining which property manager professional to represent you, I would ask them how they handle disputes involving bringing the home back to the same condition as it was before the renter moved into the house.

REALTORS can also help with those who are seeking investors to purchase homes.  We can help potential landlords understand the market viability of homes by giving detailed information on specific neighborhoods.  At 10 a.m., a potential property looks appealing, but what’s the commute like to major destinations?  Or, do the police have issues with gangs or other malcontents?

Professional property managers can help everyone in the rental process..  For those investing in this market, a conversation with someone who has certification from the National Association of Residential Property Managers will help them understand both the potential and the risk.